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What's a Bounty?

Bounties are placed by businesses that we work with to promote their business. For a bounty to be placed, there needs to be a few criterias, including a financial reward for the Hunters for placing Lures, and a special deal of some sort going on for anyone who travels to that location. It's the best of both worlds. Catch Pokemon and support a local business!

How much is a bounty?

Bounties will vary from city to city and location to location. On average, a single bounty (30 minute period) will be $5.

Why Don't Businesses just do this themselves?

They absolutely should. The value we provide in our services is our growing network of Hunters that would go out of their way to support a local business, as well as our other marketing services that we integrate into each campaign that drive Hunters and Pokemon Go players to the location.

How do I submit a bounty?

Navigate to the top of the menu and click "Claim a Bounty". Bounties will be paid out within 24 hours of being verified.

What if I get there after the bounty is claimed?

Unfortunately we're not really able to verify quickly enough to notify all Hunters of a bounty being claimed. However, since a business will likely have 2-3 hour periods of setting Bounties, there's likely another opportunity for you to claim it!

How do you prevent fraud?

We require multiple screenshots that indicate time stamps, location, and lures being deployed. While it is possible to photoshop all the required items to make it look like a realistic... the amount of time required to do so and effort put into making it realistic, we'd likely just pay you anyways for the effort.

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